Hair Stuff Case Pink

Bag-all의 Hair Stuff Case가 새롭게 핑크색으로 돌아왔습니다!

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Our popular Hair Stuff Case can now be found in pink! 

Keep your hair tools organized when traveling and at home with our heat-resistant Hair Stuff case. This case is perfect for curling irons and hair straighteners, as well as for hairbrushes and combs. Its sleek design allows you to stay stylish while being organized, and its large size will allow you to fit not only your styling tools, but also your ties, pins, and ribbons. 

This hair stuff case has a new stylish custom Bag-all lining in black and white. The lining is laminated which makes it easy to wipe off.

Read more about this product in our Journal.

Happy organizing!

Size & Material

  • Made from 100% natural cotton. 
  • Printed with water-based, eco-friendly colors.
  • Comes with heat resistant lining.
  • Grosgrain ribbon is made from 100% recycled PET-bottle.
  • Size: 35 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm.
  • Care instructions can be found on our how to page.


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For each monogram, we plant one tree in areas of deforestation. Read more about the program here.