Double Sided Packing Cubes Black

Packing Cube를 사용하면 짐을 싸는게  어느때보다 쉬워집니다! 크지만, 가벼운 cube 이용하시면 여행 가방을 더해지는 무게 없이 정리할  있습니다. Packing Cube가 여행 가방의  맞추어 넣을  있는 동시에 주름이 생기는 것을 막아준다는 사실 알고 계셨나요?

, 세면 도구, 장난감  다양한 물건을 가방에 넣거나 단순한 옷장 정리를 위해서 사용할  있습니다. 위쪽의 그물망으로 통풍이 잘되기 때문에 옷을 쉽게 환기시킬  있고, 그와 동시에 무슨 물건이 있는지 확인하기 용이합니다.


Packing has never been easier with our popular Packing Cubes! Our large, lightweight Cubes help keep your bag organized while not adding any extra weight to your suitcase. Did you know that packing cubes also optimize space while preventing wrinkles?

Use them to store clothes, toiletries, toys, or other stuff in your bag, or simply to keep your closet organized. The mesh fabric on top allows fresh air to circulate through and ventilate your clothes while making it easy to see what's inside each cube.

Our Large Two Sides Packing Cubes are ideal for customization by adding a monogram or two.

Read more about this product in our Journal.

Size & Material

  • Made from 100% natural cotton.
  • Printed in water-based, eco-friendly colors.
  • Grosgrain ribbon is made from 100% recycled PET-bottle.
  • Size Large: 30cm x 12cm x 40cm.
  • Care instructions can be found on our how to page.


This product can be monogrammed. The monogram is placed in the center and size will vary depending on the length of your name. To learn more about monograms click here.

For each monogram, we plant one tree in areas of deforestation. Read more about the program here.

Happy organizing!